Herbal Domestic Detergent

Herbal Domestic Detergent

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Protect your home by just 3 days of continuous usage of the product will make you say good byes to cockroaches, ants and fleas! Enhances the quality of life and cleanses your home environment.

- Formulated with essential oils of tangerine oil, lemongrass, Sabina Virginiana, Peppermint.

- Contains natural ingredients extracted from Azadirachtin to protect your home from cockroaches, ants and fleas.

- Does not contain chemical insecticide, does not harm human body.

- Keeps the air fresh and your home clean.

Origin: Taiwan


How to use: Spray, mop, wipe on any items, any furniture even onto your  washing machine for laundry.

Precautions: Store at a room temperature and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Color may vary due to the natural plant extracts (the product).

Ingredients: Melia azadirachta, natural tangerine oil, cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, sabina virginiana, peppermint, tween 20, pure water.

For user with sensitive skin, please use gloves.